Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall in all of it's Glory

We took a drive up to the Blue Ridge mountains over the week-end, and it was such a beautiful day.  The air was warm with just a soft breeze blowing. As you can see, the colors were not at peak yet, but with the clear blue sky, it was a glorious day.
I love it when the river is shallow with these big rocks to walk on and crawl over!

turning leaves
Falls at Yellowstone Prong
This waterfall dumps into the river seen above.  It is located at mile marker 418.8 which is the Graveyard Fields Overlook.  It is in the Pisgah Forest in an area that burned in 1925, so it is new growth forest and was named for all the stumps that looked like grave markers after the fire.

The hiking here is easy and the trails are not very crowded, so it might be a nice stop for you to make the next time you are in the mountains.

On a warm day, and with the river being so shallow, it is a lovely spot to sit and put your feet into the water, relax and listen to the music of the rushing water from the falls.

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