Friday, August 12, 2011

Long, hot summer...

It has been a really long hot summer, and it is not over yet!
This is a picture of what I call a 'zipper' spider, because of the interesting web it weaves.  It always seems to be busy, and the web wavers as the spider works.  Well, today I decided to come up to my office and check it out on the computer, and the real name is the yellow & black spider.  I truly think my name for it is much more desciptive, and I will probably keep using it for myself.

My spiders have been very well fed this summer, and have kept my garden fairly pest free.  We finally got about 7" of rain last week, after weeks of dragging hoses around in the high 90 degree weather! ugh, I am sooo over that!!!!!!
But the rain and lightning did wonders for the plants. It is just so much better than water from the hose.  The same difference between tap water and a wonderful wine.... This is a photo I took this morning of my anenomes.  They are just now coming into bloom, and they are always so pretty holding their flowerheads above the leaves and waving in the breeze.   I also have another strain which has white flowers and blooms a bit later.  They both give me a show into the fall, which is nice since alot of the other perennials are starting to fade by then
Last year some of my hostas had the roots eaten by voles.  So I replaced them with this beautiful, very fragrant and large blooming species.  There are many to choose from, and I am thrilled with these in the place next to the hydrangeas that I have sited them. 

It just goes to prove that the garden is ever changing, whether it is planned or not.  Volunteers pop up in just the perfect spots, and little rodents may stir you to select something new that will be even more wonderful than you had before!
Happy gardening, and share your successes with me, and all of the other avid gardeners out there.  I know there is always something to do, but keeping in touch is important too, and I have been remiss

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