Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Let it snow...

I think the garden in winter can be just as beautiful as it is in spring or mid-summer.

There is also alot you can learn from it.
It shows the structure of your garden, and the balance of the static elements.
Every garden should have different heights in the plants.  Hardscape, such as this low retaining wall acts almost as the bottom of a frame for a painting would.

These small trees are crepe myrtles, and the taller trees in the background are ornamental cherry trees.  To the left are the butterfly bushes.  Totally covered are the low nandinas, which echo the tall variety along a walk beyond this picture. 

In the summer, we have lambsear which flows over the wall, as well as annuals.  There are also hydrangeas which add another height and leaf & flower form.

The other wonderful thing  about the snow is that it insulates the plants from varied temps, and as it melts, it seeps into the ground slowly.

So enjoy the beauty of the snow, and be sure to keep water for the birds and the feeders full.  They are the other part of the landscape in our yard in the wintertime.
They are with me all year round, but at this time of the year you can really see them in the trees and schrubs, as well as several varieties at once around the birdbath!

Remember," get outside everyday. Miracles are waiting everywhere"....unknown

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