Friday, November 12, 2010

My Fall Garden

Fall, one of the most beautiful times of the year. 

People congregate on the Blue Ridge Hwy to view the magnificent colors of the trees.  But, I feel like I can look out my window and enjoy it every day. Of course I am not saying that it has such a large and wonderful WOW factor, but it is a small piece of nature that I love.

I love to look out the window and see the migrating birds stop for water and berries.  The squirrels are all busy hunting and burying nuts, and we have more than enough.  I wish they would take them all!

My garden is full of whimsy& planted to feed and protect the wildlife in the area.

I try to select my trees, shrubs and perennials with the thought of how they will relate to each other throughout the seasons.  Here in zone 7 where I live, we can have something blooming almost all year.
But flowers are not the thing that makes the garden interesting.  It is the structure,  the 'rooms' to view around the corner as you wander along the path.  I love to take a leisurely stroll and see what is happening.

In the fall, I still have my anemones in bloom, the hydrangeas have turned a darker color, and many of the shrubs and trees are full of berries for the birds to feast upon. The plants that add structure to the garden are the trees, shrubs that maintain their leaves or have interesting bark and shape.

And then there is the aroma of burning leaves.  I am probably the only person I know who enjoys raking leaves instead of using a blower.  I find the sound of it so annoying.  One of the joys of the season is the cool mornings, clear skies,& warm sunny afternoons.  Listening to the birds sing and the leaves russel is just soothing and peaceful.  It is a time to clear my mind of all the minutia that runs around up there!


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