Thursday, May 3, 2012

Setting a color scheme

I have just finished planting my annuals for the season.
Here in the lower South, we are lucky enough to be able to garden all year round.  So I will fill in with annuals for the upcoming season. 

For summer and fall, I have decided on a pallet of limes and hot pinks.  I love the contrast of the two colors.  I have alot of old oak trees on my property which gives me plenty of shade.  I think that using whites with different shades of greens, taking into consideration bloom time and leaf shapes makes for a really interesting garden  scene.

In all of my perenniel beds, I have shades of pinks, reds, yellows and greens.  My greens vary from the blue tones of hostas and lambsears, to deep greens.  So for this season, I have selected impatients, petunias, coleus, and sweet alyssum to spread among the others.  This will give me a continuous pop of color where it is needed, and mix in with the perenniels that will come into bloom at various times of the season.

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