Thursday, July 29, 2010

I am a Flower Girl...

I admit it, I am a flower girl. I love everything that has flowers. Now, as a professionally trained and practicing interior designer, I know this is not for everyone. And, I do not have them on everything that I own. But that said, I do love to look at them.

For me, the perfect day starts with the sun coming up, and taking my pets out in the garden to walk through with my cup of coffee to see what happened in the garden the day before. It is such a peaceful time, with the birds starting to chirp and splash in the birdbaths.

My love of this hobby started with my Nana, who could grow anything. She was always digging in the dirt, and giving me a young plant that she had started from a cutting.

My purpose of starting this blog is to share this love with others, and maybe inspire you if you are just starting out. It takes patience, and imagination to grow a beautiful garden. And nothing you do wrong is permanent. That's the great thing about flower gardens..they are ever changing, just like we are.

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